UNA Alumnus Wins Baking Competition

By Eric Marchan – Staff Writer

UNA alumna Emily Cook recently won on a Netflix baking competition called “Nailed It.”

The show has three amateur bakers compete against each other to see who can best recreate a certain dessert. She appeared on season three of the show.

Cook’s sister said she has never been big into baking, but she won the competition. Cook graduated from UNA, located in Florence, back in 2018. She majored in history.

The was at the competition for three days, but only compete on the second day. The other days were all interviews. She kept her win a secret for about a year, even from her family.

She won $10,000 for her win on the show. Cook says she is still undecided on how to use the money. She might open a bakery, pay off student loans or save the money.

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