Convicted Felon with Gun Sentenced to 15 Years in Prison as Armed Career Criminal

HUNTSVILLE – A federal judge on Wednesday sentenced a Jackson County man to 15 years in prison for illegal gun possession after determining the man was an armed career criminal based on prior convictions, announced U.S. Attorney Jay E. Town and Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives Special Agent in Charge Marcus Watson.
U.S. District Judge Abdul K. Kallon sentenced RICHARD GRADY ROMANS, 52, of Flat Rock, for being a convicted felon in possession of a firearm on Jan. 13, 2016, in Jackson County. Romans pleaded guilty to the charge in May, acknowledging that he had possessed a Remington .22-caliber rifle, a Marlin Firearms 30-30 caliber rifle, and a Savage 93R17 rifle. The judge upheld the government’s argument that Romans should be sentenced under the Armed Career Criminal Act because he has three prior federal felony drug convictions.
“The Armed Career Criminal Act is designed for defendants like Mr. Romans who, after spending significant time behind bars, continue their criminal activity once released back into society,” said Assistant U.S. Attorney Robert J. Becher Sr., who prosecuted the case. “Now, because of Mr. Romans’ ongoing criminal behavior, he will spend the next 15 years in a federal prison.”
“ATF’s Crime Gun Intelligence focuses on reducing the violent crime and disrupting the shooting cycle that negatively impact our neighborhoods,” Watson said.
Court records show that Romans was convicted in federal court in Tennessee in 2005 for conspiracy to distribute cocaine from 1994 through 1999, for distributing cocaine on Jan. 15, 1999, and for distributing cocaine on Feb. 26, 1999.
ATF investigated the case.

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