Barnes says he will be available to citizens “We can do better,”

Tommy and Dee Barnes

Tommy and Dee Barnes

Tommy Barnes is a long time citizen of Colbert County. He has worked in industry and public sectors and is
currently employed with the Sheffield Utilities, serving District 1 and the Shoals. Tommy has a chemical engineering degree and years of experience in problem-solving. He worked in development at the Reynolds/Wise Alloys plant for 21 years and was an environmental engineer at the plant, over water and waste water.
Tommy is involved in the Sheffield downtown redevelopment and has a vast knowledge and experience in what is
needed to bring about a better future for Colbert County and The Shoals. He believes working together with all
stakeholders to attract steady & good paying jobs and more tourism will create sustained growth.

Having traveled  all over the USA, Tommy sees what works, has a vision for Colbert County and believes “We can do better”. Tommy will listen to your ideas to improve Colbert County’s appearance and address infrastructure challenges. One of the first tasks after taking office will be to empower the good employees of our county to better serve the community. These problems are easily solved and with experienced people working together, and a positive
attitude, success is on the horizon.

A quality education system is a major attraction to new industry. In order to train workers and attract industry
students need the opportunity to learn a trade while in school. He supports a strong educational system with
extracurricular activities. He loves sports and outdoor activities and believes there should be an abundance of
recreational activities for our school children, citizens and tourists alike.

Tommy has been married to Dee Barnes (RN) for over 30 years and has a son, daughter and 4 grandchildren. He
has 3 brothers and 2 sisters that are involved in Shoals businesses, health care, missions, pharmacy, accounting, and
education. One of his main reasons for wanting to be your District 1 County Commissioner, is not just for his
family’s future, but for each and everyone that wants a better life and opportunity to succeed.

Tommy says the most fulfillment he has in life is helping others and will work tirelessly to help everyone in District
1. Each of our citizens should have access to a quality health care system and a timely response when one falls
victim to bad health or accidents. He will be a strong advocate for options for treatments into the future.
Colbert County needs representatives that value law enforcement, first responders, educators, public servants and
the needs of the average citizen. Tommy Barnes is that man, someone you can talk to today, tomorrow and
everyday, not just once every 4 years.

It makes sense now, and on November 8th, to VOTE TOMMY BARNES! He has development ideas and investors
ready to help The Shoals with industry, tourism and lodging.

Tommy believes The Shoals can do great things and it WILL happen with progressive and energetic leadership. It’s
time to roll up our sleeves and put a WORKING MAN to work for US!!!

Your tax dollars should be spent wisely in recruitment of industry that stay in Colbert County. We need expertise
and discernment in proposed projects in order to avoid individuals and companies from out of state and country
leaving empty buildings and out-of-work citizens after taking your tax dollars. David Bronner (Chief Executive
Officer of the Retirement System of Alabama / RSA) used the term “White Elephant” when he came into the Shoals
to finance one of the failed plants that took our money and closed. Incentives can be good, but only when the citizens
wins! With Tommy, you will have an experienced leader that knows how to recruit investors, sustainable industrial
development, tourism, and community development. Tommy will be your voice with honesty and transparency.

Paid Political Ad by Tommy Barnes 1414 E. 38th St., Sheffield, AL

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