Boyfriend released, claims woman jumped from moving vehicle


PHIL CAMPBELL-Authorities tell the Shoals Insider, the boyfriend of the woman whose body was found on the side of Alabama Hwy. 237 is claiming she jumped from the vehicle and he was not able to locate her.

Reportedly, a passerby found the body of 39-year-old April Welch Hamm alongside the road Sunday night around 6:30.

Phil Campbell police have released the boyfriend, who was being held on a 72-hour investigative hold.

Phil Campbell Police Chief Merrill Potter said “Without evidence to support his arrest, we had to let him go,”

Wade Allen Lawrence was being held in the Franklin County Jail. No charges have been filed against Lawrence.

Lawrence told police they had been to a party and were arguing prior to her jumping from the vehicle.

Hamm’s body was transferred to the Alabama Department of Forensic Sciences for an autopsy.

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