Pregnant food poisoning victim hospitalized, attorney says responsible party will be held accountable


SHEFFIELD-Hospital personnel are closely watching the condition of a pregnant woman who was sickened by a recent outbreak of Salmonella from food served at a wedding reception at a Sheffield Hotel.

Florence attorney Jonathan Mcgee tells the Shoals Insider, “Her condition is good right now, we just want to ensure her safety and that of the unborn child,”

So far, 12 people have been hospitalized and 77 people have been sickened by what some people are calling irresponsible actions concerning the food preparation and storage of the food while it was waiting to be served.

The caterer, Darvin McDaniel of Indelible Catering, has had some food safety issues in the past.  McDaniel reportedly catered a banquet for the Alabama Co-Operative Extension service in 2014 in Decatur, several people were sickened and one person reportedly died.

“There are still some unknowns at this time,” said McGee.  “But, we are going to hold the responsible party accountable, to ensure this doesn’t happen again,”

“If anyone else was sickened, they need to call me at 256-349-2589,”  McGee represents several of the sickened guests.

Shoals Insider

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