Let’s talk about the two witnesses

Why not the first three and one half years of that seven year period? Because the man of sin—Antichrist—will not be such a threat to Israel during that time, because he will be preoccupied with securing his position over the ten kingdoms of the old Roman Empire territory: The obvious reason he will make a seven year contract with Israel. It will not be because the Antichrist will be a nice guy. Instead, it will be the political thing to do until he is in a strong enough position to push his agenda upon the whole world (which he will never fully accomplish). Jerusalem will be relatively safe, until the Antichrist has gained enough control over those ten kingdoms that they will accompany him in his invasion of Israel, beginning with Jerusalem. The two witnesses will be the new restraining force regarding Jerusalem and Israel. They will be able to strike any invaders with plagues that resemble those inflicted upon Egypt under Moses. For that reason many believe Moses will be one of those two witnesses. However, Moses died and was buried. He would have to be resurrected and then die again to be one of those two. The truth is that the two witnesses will have not died already, but will die at the end of that seven year period; then will be resurrected in a public display of the power of God. See Revelation 11:3-6, 7-12. Revelation 11:4 links those two with the two mentioned in Zechariah 4:11-14. The Zechariah passage might sound a little vague as to what or who they were, but Revelation 11 clearly identifies the two as the two olive branches of Zechariah 4. Enoch and Elijah were the only people who did not die yet, so must be the two witnesses. Zechariah saw them as living entities in his day, and Revelation testifies that they will be the same two entities mentioned in Zechariah 4. Remember, Malachi 4:5 prophesied that Elijah would show up on earth again before the great day of judgment. Jesus, in Matthew 17:10-13, basically taught that John the Baptist had come in the spirit and power of Elijah. He was not the actual Elijah. John was beheaded, so if he had been the literal Elijah, he would have to be resurrected again, then die again and be resurrected the second time. In the last days of this age Elijah will be one of the two witnesses of Revelation 11. Both Elijah and Enoch have been preserved all this time so they can fulfil their last-days ministry.      The Antichrist will invade Israel at the beginning of that last three and one half year period, but will be thwarted in his attempt because, “News from the East and North will trouble him, and he will go out with great fury in order to destroy and to annihilate many (Daniel 11:44). China and Russia obviously! And, when he comes back with his hordes (Ezekiel 38-39), that is when Christ will come and defeat Antichrist and end this age. Hallelujah! (Ron Craig is pastor, teacher and author of Christian books; and these articles. You may view all the books by logging onto www.livingwayfellowshiponline.org. While logged on the website you can even listen to audio Bible-lesson podcasts. You may also send your questions or comments to ronwritercraig@gmail.com)

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