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Pain is your body’s “alarms indicator” that something is not right and its time for you to addressed it or it will progress to a more painful symptomatic problem. Neuromuscular Therapeutic is used to disrupt the tension-pain cycle by locating and de-activating painful trigger points.

When your body is experiencing chronic muscle tension or suffering from past injuries this causes adhesions to build up. Adhesions are (bands of painful, rigid connective tissue) that form in, on and around your muscles, their tendons, and ligaments this causes joint stiffness.

Deep tissue is a very effective technique for breaking up these adhesions allowing you to have better-aligned posture and freer movements. This minimizes stress around the joints and helps to prevent osteoarthritis from developing.

Massage Package:

Dustin combines deep tissue with trigger point therapy in a way that is unique. Most individuals who receive massages from him say, “They never had a massage like that before and if you love deep corrective type massages, this is a great opportunity to check out his work,”

It’s been Dustin’s experience that 3-4 sessions close together allows him to build on the previous sessions work; giving your body the most benefit. You may have heard that muscles have memory, Dustin Blackman is attempting to reprogram your muscle memory with sensory input that enhances mobility and pain-free movement. Please keep in mind that Dustin’s rates are affordable to make it a general maintenance plan for yourself.

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