Bubba Underwood right choice for Tuscumbia


With so many candidates in the upcoming local elections, we here at Shoals Insider normally do not make endorsements in every race;  however, we feel that this years mayoral race in Tuscumbia is one of great importance for the people of Tuscumbia.

I don’t know what it is, but there is just something about Bubba Underwood you can’t help but like.

We could talk about Bubba’s degrees and extensive education as a CPA, but I’m not going to do that.  There’s an old saying, “People don’t care what you know, they just want to know that you care.”

Bubba Underwood has made a living since 1998 as a certified public accountant for hundreds of businesses over the years. His whole career he has advised and made helping small businesses a top priority.  Don’t take our word for it. Ask any of his clients and they will tell you Bubba’s heart is in growing businesses and making Tuscumbia an even better place to live and work.

We have confirmed from many credible sources around town, that Bubba is the favorite among many tuscumbians seeking to better their city. Underwood has vowed to fix the failing infrastructure including the crumbling roads and to bring a better tax base to the city.  This would be done by developing highway 72, and Recruiting business for both the highway and the downtown business districts.

Underwood serves as chairman of the Tuscumbia Downtown Redevelopment Board and Treasurer of the Friends of Spring Park Foundation.

The people of Tuscumbia tell us on a daily basis, they are tired of politics as usual and want someone who will simply do the next right thing.

Bubba’s parents are Ernest Underwood, a retired railroad switchman, and Camille Underwood, a local educator for many years. His brother Chris Underwood is a minister at Highland Baptist Church in Florence.

Underwood is married to Anna Tirey Underwood, who is employed by the Colbert County School Board as an Occupational Therapist. He has one son, Walker (11) and three step daughters, Holly (19), Victoria (16) and Faith (15).

With his overwhelming experience in finances, budgeting, management, and leadership, Kerry “Bubba” Underwood is the logical choice for Tuscumbia on Tuesday, August 23rd.


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