Black Friday is upon us so Pledge to Shop Shoals

Well, the big week is finally here! Unless you’ve lived under a rock your entire existence, everyone knows the ins and outs of Black Friday; long lines, stampeding crowds, all-night-campers outside big-box stores, hair pulling over Egyptian cotton sheets and Tickle-Me Igmos – we’ve all been there. And for those of you who like random trivia, it’s interesting to note that more people are injured on Black Friday in those same big-box stores than in yearly shark attacks. This one day attracts more people than the multi-million dollar theme parks on any given day.

This year, Shoals Insider urges everyone to “Pledge to Shop Shoals.” The importance of shopping locally is obvious, but did you know doing so keeps roughly 70% of your money in the local economy? Did you also know you can get most everything on your Christmas list right here in the Shoals? From clothing boutiques to tanning salons, and from bakeries to restaurants, the Shoals area offers the most unique gifts to check off everyone on your Santa list this year.

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