Biscuit making a big difference

Kasey Biscuit Butler

Meet local Shoals area Kasey Butler who will not only help you and your family get a new ride, he cares for you too. Butler, 28, grew up in Greenhill, AL and had always been someone you knew would end up “talking for a living”. His parents raised him to treat others with respect and to always put God and family first as well as being an example to others.

Over his 28 years Butler has undergone tragedy and triumph after the murder of his girlfriend, Chelsie Garner, in April of 2009. Since then he has been a local advocate of Domestic Violence Awareness and working with children to make sure everyone has a voice. He also helps with the youth at his Greenhill based church where he says quote, “If we don’t take time to take care of our youth and guide them, our future is doomed to fail.”

Now if you want to get in touch with him you’ll find Kasey, or “Biscuit” as most know him, selling cars at the local Shoals KIA or talking with Mojo on the new 101.5 radio station every morning. After consulting a few of his customers, it’s apparent that his slogan “ Doing deals nobody else can, at prices nobody else will” is true in its statement.

Butler has achieved 100% customer satisfaction at KIA, and now he and his wife Destiny Luann Butler from Hiram, GA, plan to solidify their mark on the community and help others by growing both in the dealership and promoting our communities growth! 

To contact Butler you can call 256-978-1000 or by email @ biscuit2109@hotmail.com

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