Authorities arrest owner of hog that attacked young girl, hog to be euthanized


ROGERSVILLE–Authorities tell the Shoals Insider they have arrested the owner of a 400-pound hog that attacked a young girl on Monday.

According to police, 21-year-old Thomas Daniel Brown, of Lauderdale County Road 225, Rogersville was arrested last night on charges of permitting livestock to run at large and reckless endangerment.

The animal that attacked and bit the 3-year-old girl is actually an overgrown pot belly pig named “Booger”.

The girl had to be flown to Huntsville Hospital for the injuries to her arm on Monday. The wound to her left arm required over twenty-five stitches. She reportedly had to returnĀ on Wednesday after her arm became infected.

Health Department officials have ordered that the hog be quarantined for ten days and after that euthanized. Its head will be sent off for testing.

Shoals Insider

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