Ron Craig: Wrong tracks go to wrong places

Christian Author and Pastor Ron Craig

 Many modern church members claim to be Christians, but at the same time question many of the plain doctrines of the Bible. And that raises this question in my mind: On what do they base their Christianity? Outside the Bible Truths about what Jesus Christ purchased for us on the cross there is no Christianity! How can anybody be sure they are a Christian when they practically deny what the Bible plainly teaches about what constitutes a Christian? “I know the Bible says so-and-sobut I believe something differentYet, I know I am a Christian!” I challenge all to think about that. Several different times in my life, I have been challenged with some weird doctrines by people who were quite convinced that their beliefs were the absolute truth. And, of course, they tried to convince me too that those things were true. Do the words “wolves in sheep’s clothing” ring a bell right about now? Each of those times I was driven into God’s Word to get the answers I needed to make sure that I was on the right trackor to get on the right track. Wrong tracks go to wrong places. Be sure you are on the right track

I too have presented some things in these articles that may seem strange to some ears, but I challenge you to check them all out by your own Bible studies. “Faith comes by hearingand hearing by the Word of God.” Thus, I challenge all to measure my comments by the Holy Scriptures.

You see, faith does not come by you hearing my words. Faith is resident in God’s words alone. I am only His mouth-piece. If my words agree with His words, and I challenge you to get into His Word—the Bible—for yourself, and if you accept my challenge, by studying His Word—the Bible—and you get His words deep down inside you, that is the best chance you have of getting some life-changing faith deep down inside you, and getting those things changed in your life that God and you want changed, and God and you know need to be changed. Unstrange the Bible!

 It is strange that so many preachers and believers question the miraculous today, when the answer to so many people’s prayers will require a miracle. You see, we have a spiritual enemy—Satan—and he uses negative spiritual power to do his dirty work. Luke 13:11, 16 and Acts 10:38 reveal that sickness is a work of the devil. The devil is a fallen angelangels are spirits—and our Lord said in Luke 13:11 that Jewish woman had a spirit of infirmity. Acts 10:38 also reveals that Satan is behind all sickness—Christ healed all who were oppressed by the devil. Sickness being spiritual in essence, only spiritual power adequately deals with sickness. If it did back then, but not now, when did it change? Hmmm?
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