Ron Craig: Every Benefit Is Still Available To Those Who Will Believe

The primary reason not more world problems get solved with biblical solutions in the lives of individuals, and in society in general, is that so few people believe biblical solutions are real solutions. Shockingly, and sadly, that is true in Christian circles, as well as out in the world. In past articles, I have shown that Calvinism, and other isms, have reduced the Gospel message to a set of moral rules and regulations, thereby stripping the Gospel of its miraculous power to deliver people from those evils running rampant in this fallen world system. I also pointed out that God was obviously aware of the prevalent pressures of the last days, and knew exactly what He was doing when He commanded us to preach the Gospel as the solution to this planet’s pertinent problems.

That is the issue I want to address now. No man or demon has the right or ability to alter the Gospel message in any form or degree. Let me tell you why. I figure many are waiting expectantly for that explanation! Remember, the Savior said in Luke 22:20 that the New Testament (or Covenant) is in His blood. Everything included in the New Covenant resides in Christ’s shed blood! Connect that with Hebrews 9:12, which tells us that Jesus entered into the heavenly Holy of Holies with His shed blood, where He obviously deposited it on the altar there, and where it will obviously remain forever. Therefore, EVERY BENEFIT that was incorporated into His blood, which was shed on the cross, is still available to all who will believe the Gospel truth about that! So ponder this. In order to either add benefits to the New Covenant, or to take benefits away from the New Covenant, someone would have to have the smarts, and the ability, to invade heaven, enter the Holy of Holies there, and somehow tamper with that blood. Now you know that if such were possible the devil would have already accomplished it. And if Satan, which is a spirit, has not been able to penetrate heaven, no human being is capable of such a feat. Even the thought of such is ridiculous. Thus, we must concede that whatever benefits were part of the New Covenant when the Savior’s blood had just been shed are part of the New Covenant to this very day. Not one benefit can be deleted from that deposited blood. This is GOOD NEWS! So, the first step in receiving solutions to our problems is to believe and accept the biblical truth that the Gospel contains the supernatural solutions to our problems. I am sure that raised a lot more questions!

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