God found a few good men to fulfill His plan

Christian Author and Pastor Ron Craig

Although there are still other variations of the foregoing idiotic speculations, there is only one plausible view of the subject at hand—Bible Truth about God’s involvement in the world’s affairs—what the Bible actually says about it. Remember, God created man to have dominion over all of the lower earthly creatures; including this terrestrial ball itself. Then, God found the righteous Noah (Genesis 7:1), and commanded him to build a boat that would float, in order to preserve a remnant of the human population during a worldwide flood. Later, God found still another righteous man, Abraham, and made a covenant with him, promising him and his Seed they would inherit this planet.

Then God used yet another man, Joseph, to preserve the nation of Israel, the family of Abraham. God used Moses to deliver Israel out of Egyptian bondage and used Joshua to bring Israel into the promised land. Then, for a few hundred years judges led Israel, until under Samuel the people demanded to have a king, like the other nations around them. It was their idea, but God turned it around to His favor by crowning Davida man after His own heart. Of course, that led to Jesus Christ the Messiah, Who became King of kings and Lord of lords. Christ being a human being is what provided Him authority over ALL of nature—water, wind, gravity, fish, sickness, demons and death. (A MAN!)

 I am making a point here. Jesus both lived and ministered as a man (John 5:27). He dominated nature as a man, because God had given man all authority over all of nature (Genesis 1:26-28). (Theologians and their demonic theologies have cheated the church out of many blessings, and their authority to bring blessings to this world.)
     Jesus Christ lived and ministered as a man. He died as a man. He was resurrected as a man (John 20:27). And miracle of miracles, Jesus Christ is yet a man, and always will be; seated at the right hand of God in heaven (1 Timothy 2:5). God uses people!
     Christ trained 12 men to continue the same ministry He exercised and established on earth, and commanded them to both fulfill that ministry in their generation, and to train others to carry on the same Gospel ministry in each succeeding generation, until His return to earth to set up the eternal form of His Kingdom. John 20:21—As [for the very same purpose] My Father sent Me, so send I you. Acts 1:8—You will receive power after the Holy Spirit comes upon you, [for the purpose of making you] witnesses [of My resurrection] to the ends of the earth. Well, that generation of Gospel ministers did not reach the ends of the earth, nor live until the end of this age. They knew not about the Americas, Australia, China, Japan, the islands of the seas, nor people living above the arctic circle. When the Lord promised them that He would be with them until the end of this age, He surely knew that generation would not live that long. He was obviously speaking to them as church representatives for every generation (Matthew 28:18-20). Jesus commissioned Paul to receive and write most of the New Testament, train others in those truths, and to pass them onto still others (Acts 26:16-18 and 2 Timothy 2:2).
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