Bro. Ron Craig: The devil slipped up on the church, caught it off guard

Reverend and Author Ron Craig

 Actually, God is actively involved in relieving the world of its problems! (And the same is true for the Christian’s problems as well. If one believes for it!) However, He does not perform acts of deliverance apart from the active faith of believers, to whom He has delegated authority to minister deliverance in behalf of the needy, and in conjunction with the request of the needy, and the faith of the needy in what Jesus Christ purchased for them on the cross. “According to your faith be it unto you (Matthew 9:29).” God’s plan is to work in conjunction with New Testament believers through their faith in Christ’s Calvary-purchase. Remember that the apostles went out and preached the Gospel everywhere, the Lord working with themconfirming their word with miraculous signs (Mark 16:20). (I must explain that God is free to render due punishment upon rebels irrespective of the faith of anyone. That is proven by what happened to the King Herod of Acts 12:23. No believer had to release faith for that. That was God’s decision alone. King Herod was eaten by worms and died a horrible death. But, deliverance is tied to people’s faith in Christ’s sacrifice.) A prime example of that Bible Truth is the fact that the apostle JamesJohn’s brotherwas killed early on by King Herod. Obviously, the devil slipped up on the churchcaught it off guard, and robbed the church of one of the original twelve apostles; into whose life the Savior had invested three years of His time and energy in training James for Gospel ministry. I cannot believe God planned for James to be eliminated so soon after entering the ministry. The main reason I am convinced of that is that King Herod arrested the apostle Peter as well, and intended to eliminate him as well; merely as a political favor to the Jews (Acts 12:3). However, the church got down to praying about that problem, and the Lord miraculously answered their prayer. God works not through just any old thing people call prayer, but through genuine prayers based upon genuine Bible Faith. How many people are qualified to solve world problems? And how do they get qualified? Next time!   

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