Author Ron Craig: The church today has the very same authority

Author and Pastor Ron Craig


I have learned during my 40 years in Gospel ministry that piling Scripture upon Scripture, all of which deal with a certain subject, and all of which agree with one another on that subject, makes it very difficult for any honest person to argue against those Scriptures concerning that subject. Matthew 28:18-20 establishes the Bible Reality that the supernatural ministry Jesus established during His three-year public ministry on earth was intended to continue until His Second Coming. Several other New Testament passages back up that Bible Truth; thoroughly agreeing with it.

In John 14:12, the Savior Himself assured all of us believers that we not only can but will do the very same works He did while He was here. That would have to include the same kind of miracles Jesus performed upon multitudes of the sick and suffering. Jesus Christ solved many world problems through His ministry and assured us believers that we can do the same. John 14:12 mentions no limits as to time or location. The church today has the very same authority to do the same miracles that both Jesus and the early Christians did. First Corinthians 12:28 tells us plainly that God has SET (permanently established) in the church the supernatural gifts of healing and miracles (along with other supernatural gifts). In Ephesians 4:11-16, Paul also affirmed that the Holy-Spirit-empowered ministries of apostleprophetevangelistpastor, and teacher have been placed in the Lord’s church for the duration of this age—Until we all come to the unity of the faith and the fullness of the stature of Christ Himself. That has obviously not happened yet. Which means that those supernatural ministries were intended to be active in the church until the Savior returnsMatthew 24:14 agrees. There, our Lord said that in the last days this Gospel (the very same Gospel Christ preached and practicedwill be preached in all the world just before this age ends. Which means that right now believers are supposed to be preaching and ministering a supernatural Gospel around the world. If our Savior’s supernatural Gospel and ministry solved many of the world’s painful problems in His days on earth, that same supernatural Gospel ministry will solve the same problems today. People are basically the same today, so the world’s problems are basically the same.
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