There’s a lot of speculation on end time events

Christian Author and Pastor Ron Craig

Before getting deeper into the end-time-events subject, I want to make a few comments and ask a few questions. I have learned that different people have different motivations for their interest in end-time events. Although many are sincere, some are obviously motivated by mere curiosity. While curiosity will carry one a little ways on a journey, when the truth gets to be too much for the curious one, the search usually ends right there. Only those who genuinely want to learn the truth and are willing to adjust to it will continue their journey until they reach the end—real biblical end-time truth. What is your motivation?

While there are a number of preachers who seem to be experts on end-time events, I have found only one whose exegesis on that subject is truly scriptural. I will let you know who that is eventually, but first I want to clear away some of the utter nonsensical teachings regarding those not-too-distant future events.

One of the most unbiblical concepts is that the Antichrist will originate from Moscow, claiming that he will be Russian. That concept is mere speculation on the part of preachers and theologians who theologize rather than seriously study the Holy Scriptures. I have learned that sometimes (actually often) just reading a little further in the Scriptures the reader will come to a completely different conclusion than if he or she only reads until they find what they think supports their pre-study conclusions. How some preachers come up with really weird speculations is a mystery to me. Especially when the Bible actually, not only does not support their conclusions but clearly refutes them. Some of the more well-known ideas are that the Antichrist will be a Russian and that the church will have to go through The Tribulation; or at least the last part of it. Less well-known is that the United States of America will be the beast spoken of in Revelation, that Russia will nuke the USA (the wounded head of the beast) then the USA will revive and become that beast (the Antichrist). Of course, that speculation refutes the claim that the Antichrist himself will hale from Moscow. One of the points I want to make here is that the teachings of some supposed experts often outright contradictthe insane ideas of other end-time experts. So, which one is correct? Or does it even matter which one is right? Does Deity allow us to believe and teach any doctrine we like? Remember those lessons on the Bible prohibiting any interpretation of Scripture (2 Peter 1:20-21). That means anything that contradicts the Bible is outlawed by God Himself.

 One more weird, unbiblical teaching is that those demons coming out of the Abyss are not really demons, but tanks and helicopters. But, I understand that machines come out of factories, not the center of the earth. So, my question is: “Do you want to believe human speculations, or know actual Bible Truth?” 
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