The One riding upon that horse was called Faithful and True

Remember that John was viewing these events as though they were occurring in his days, but that they were prophecies of sure-to-come end-time events that are not yet upon us. However, many current world events strongly suggest that the fulfilment of all those end-time prophecies must be just around the corner. For instance, Christians are already being beheaded in those Middle-Eastern countries that are hostile to Biblical Christianity.

Moreover, the very hostility of some of those countries against other Middle-Eastern countries is setting the stage for Christ’s prophecy of the rising up of nations against other nations and kingdoms against other kingdoms as Jesus Christ prophesied in Matthew 24:7. There, Christ also mentioned earthquakes, famines, and pestilences as signs of end-time woes, and the beginning of sorrows (verse 8); and who has not noticed such traumatic events occurring around the globe today? So, it is almost here!     Remember also that although John was viewing these events in the spiritual realm, the book of Revelation (plus Christ’s definite prophecies) assures us that they will definitely take place in the natural realm at the end of this age. John’s visions were not mere symbols that can be easily explained away by theological arguments but prophesies of definite judgments of the Almighty God upon this evil generation. God will put an end to both the devil’s and man’s rebellion.       Babylon being both a literal rebellious city and a worldwide satanic religious network, both of which have deceived the world throughout history by sorceries (Isaiah 47: 9, 12 and Revelation 18:23), and both being guilty of shedding the blood of saints, then heaven will naturally rejoice over the destruction of both. And so says Revelation 19:1-6. Blood-shedders will pay an exorbitant price in the end.     Verses 7-8 speak of the marriage of the Lamb (Christ) and His wife, who has made herself ready. Chapter 21 identifies the Bride, the Lamb’s wife, and it might just surprise you as to her identification—that coming in a later lesson.     Revelation presents the battle of Armageddon more than one time, and from more than one angle. However, all presentations reveal that both Satan and the Antichrist will be defeated and Jesus will be victorious. Revelation 19:11—John saw a white horse, and the One riding upon that horse was called Faithful and True. Revelation 6:2 also showed the Antichrist riding a white horse and going out to conquer with a bow. But, Christ has a two-edged sword and has already conquered—what qualified Him to open those 7 seals (5:5). So, be sure to study the Scriptures, instead of making quick judgments based on surface scanning of the Scriptures. If we do not study, we will eventually be ashamed (2 Timothy 2:15). Revelation 19:11 again: He being Faithful and True, in righteousness the resurrected and glorified Jesus judges and makes war. On His head were many crowns (19:12), for He had taken over all of the kingdoms of this world (11:15). I can hardly wait to get into the rest of chapter 19. The best is yet to come.    
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