The Church is divided over Tribulation

The church is actually divided over the second major end-time teaching error, regarding whether or not the church will go through the Tribulation time spoken of in Jeremiah, Daniel, Matthew, Mark and Luke, and in some of Paul’s letters, and finally in the book of Revelation. The prime supposed evidence the experts use to convince themselves and others that the church will definitely go through the Tribulation is the coincidental use of the word trumpet. At the last trumpet, Paul said in 1 Corinthians 15:52, the dead will be raised, and we the still-living will be changed (get our glorified bodies).

Those end-time experts paste that passage onto Revelation 11:15, and claim that both passages refer to the same trumpet blast; they supposedly occurring at the very same time. (The seventh trumpet that is blown by the seventh judgment angel in Revelation 11:15 is the same trumpet that is blown at the time of Christ’s Second Coming and the resurrection of the righteous dead.) If so, such would necessarily prove that the church will still be on the planet, at least until that seventh trumpet is blown. But think! The trumpet accompanying Jesus Christ’s return announces deliverancenot judgment

The other six trumpets in Revelation release some form of judgment, not deliverance. Why would the seventh be different? But the point I want to make in this lesson and following ones is that both sides of that argument miss the whole point the Bible makes on that subject. Why not make all mentions of trumpet blasts in the Bible refer to the same event just like they do those two? Why pick out those two in order to establish end-time doctrine?
     Once again, studying instead of speculating is the key to gaining the biblical answer to that supposed mystery. And once again, that mystery is solved by Scripture—in Jeremiah, Daniel and elsewhere. Referring to the same end-time events, Jeremiah 30:7 states plainly that will be thetime of Jacob’s trouble, not the church’s trouble. Such obviously refers to Israel, not the body of Christ. And even more convincing is the Bible fact that the angel Gabriel told Daniel in 10:14 that those end-time events will concern your (Daniel’s) people—Israel.
Moreover, in Daniel 9:24, Gabriel said plainly that seventy weeks (sevens) are determined for your people (Israel) and your holy city(Jerusalem). Nothing is said about the church. Those end-time events will all be about God’s dealings with the nation of Israeland His punishment of Gentile nations that have mistreated Israel over the centuries. Check out Jeremiah 25:31-33, Joel 3:2, Zephaniah 3:8 and Zechariah 14:1-5. And these are just a few of the Scriptures that reveal that God has a controversy with those nations which have harassed and ruled over Israel in the past. He has vowed many times that He will punish the heathen nations that have been and will be Israel’s enemies. And, one more Bible Truth: All seventy sevens of years have to do with the Jews. If those first seven and sixty two concern Israel, then that seventieth seven does as well!
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