Ron Craig: More on end time events and prophecy

Solomon’s Temple

All seventy sevens of years Gabriel informed Daniel about have to do with the Jews. If those first seven and sixty-two concern Israel, then that seventieth seven does as well! Why those two first divisions, which come short of seventy? Seven and sixty-two equal sixty-nine. The first division obviously refers to those years from the command by King Cyrus to rebuild the destroyed Jewish temple until its completion; equalling seven sevens or 49 years. After that, there would span an additional sixty-two sevens—434 years—before their Messiah would be “cut off”; referring obviously to our Lord’s crucifixion.

The sum of those two divisions would be 483, seven years short of that 490 total. See Daniel 9:25-26. Isaiah 53:8 speaks of the Messiah being “cut off.” So, from the time King Cyrus issued that decree to rebuild the Jewish temple until Jesus was crucified was a total of 483 years. I believe actual history matches that figure. But, what about the last division of seven years? Daniel and Revelation prove beyond doubt that the seventieth seven of years will be fulfilled at the end of the present age. What about all of those centuries piling up since the Messiah was “cut off”? They are not historically connected to those last seven years of this age. Instead, there is a huge gap of time between the sixty-ninth seven and the seventieth seven. 


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