God took a risk in creating angels and men with freedom to choose

And since mankind is God’s representative over all creation, angels are commissioned to serve God by serving people. Of course, people are to serve God as well, so by serving people, angels serve God. (Now I have not departed from the subject of last-days events.)     The angel Lucifer decided to no longer be God’s servant, and rebelled against his own Creator; then persuaded a multitude of other angels to rebel along with him (Revelation 12:4). And then these new creatures called human beings came on the scene, as representatives of God. Lucifer (now God’s adversary) naturally hating and despising his own Creator; naturally hated anyone who represented his Creator. So now, Adam became Satan’s target. Thus, the war that started in heaven gravitated to earth, and will not end until the very end of this age. What is that war about? Conflict between the Creator and some of His creatures, who have opted to use the free will God gave them to rebel against the God Who gave them that free will. That was the risk God took in creating angels and men with freedom to choose. But God considered that risk preferable over making robots of us all. In every generation God looks for voluntary worshippers (John 4:23).     Adam heeding Satan’s words over God’s words allowed Satan to become the god of this age(2 Corinthians 4:4). But God initiated His Redemption Plan with His promise that the seed of the woman would crush the devil’s head. Thus, the conflict continued between Satan and Adam’s and Eve’s offspring. But which of their posterity would be the promised Seed? If the devil could kill the right one, his future troubles would be over. The devil persuaded the first child to kill the second child; but God chose the third child—Seth—as the path to the Messiah. And the conflict continued. The possible seed producers were reduced down to eight people after Noah’s flood. And, that war went on. Abraham was promised to be the continuation of that Messianic line through Isaac, but it took 25 years for the promised Seed to manifest. So it became known that Israel would be the family to produce the Messiah. Pharaoh tried to destroy Israel, but Moses came along. The wicked Haman wanted to wipe out the Jews, but God saved Israel in Persia through Esther and Mordacai. And when the actual Messiah came along, the devil used King Herod to attempt to snuff out the life of that promised Seed. But once again, the Almighty Creator and Redeemer thwarted the devil’s plans. The Messiah promised to return to the earth and set foot in Israel to set up His eternal kingdom, and Daniel and Revelation are prophecies of how Satan once again will try to put a stop that victorious event. But in the next lesson… (Ron Craig is pastor, teacher and author of Christian books; and these articles. You may view all the books by logging onto www.livingwayfellowshiponline.org. While logged on the website you can even listen to audio Bible-lesson podcasts. You may also send your questions or comments to ronwritercraig@gmail.com)

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