Book of Revelation is NOT a publication of mysterious, symbolic gobbledy-gook

 Dozens of times in the Book of Ezekiel God said, “Then you will know that I am the Lord.” Those statements almost always pointed to some divine activity concerning last days events. When I have My final say, God was saying, then you will know that those things I promised throughout history have certainly come to pass. That will be true for both those who are living during the Tribulation and for those who have died and gone on to their wanted or unwanted reward. So the book of Revelation is NOT a publication of mysterious, symbolic gobbledy-gook, but rather a Holy-Spirit-inspired record before it happens of what is going to happen at the end of the present age. There are symbols in Revelation, but they are all explained either in the book of Revelation itself, or in the prophecies of some other Bible book. The very term revelation means to make known!

     What has God been making known all along through His Word? For one thing, man in his fallen state, is not on an upward path, getting better and better as time goes on, but instead is on a downward path toward hell. And even before death, more and more earthlings are experiencing hell-like conditions around the world. One reason so many immigrants are fleeing their home country and seeking more palatable conditions here in this country—USA. You see, one cannot adequately talk Bible things without getting into political things. Impossible! The devil is the ultimate culprit behind both the world system and the religious system—both those ungodly religions around this planet, and what men have turned genuine Bible-Christianity into. The book of Revelation exposes the religious system, as well as the Antichrist system. Moreover, those ten kings under the Antichrist will actually turn on the very religious system which helped put them in power and will destroy it. Refer to Revelation 17:15-18. And that proves that religion is merely a tool Satan uses to further his agenda of stealing, killing, and destroying. That woman riding the beast is how God sees that religious monster. And as for those kings turning on the woman (the overall religious system of this fallen world), John said that God Himself will turn her over to those ten kings and their kingdom so that God’s plan will be accomplished. As I said in a previous article, although Satan and the Antichrist will think that they are in control, planning to wipe Israel off the map, God Himself will prove that His plan will prevail. There is no wisdom, or understanding, or counsel that can prevail against the Lord—Proverbs 21:30. God’s words will prevail over all others.     History, including prophesied history—history which has not yet been fulfilled—will prove that God is demonstrating to fallen man that HIS STORY is going downhill. Man, outside of God, cannot succeed, let alone prevail. Existence without God is both empty and futile. And even if a man apparently succeeds in this life—apparently without God and even contrary to God—what will it profit him in the long run? “What will it profit a man, if he gains the whole world and [in the process] loses his own soul (Mark 8:36)?” The Antichrist will obviously be deceived by the devil into thinking that he will prevail over God and His prophecies, but will actually fulfill them. Praise God! In light of these Bible Truths, let everyone get aligned with the redemption side of God’s Word.
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