Warehouse 414 Presents Metal Night




A club at 414 N Montgomery Ave, Sheffield, Alabama 35660 is having a Metal Night with live bands.

For their first metal show we are bringing you two of the best metal bands from North Alabama. Tempter from right here in the Shoals and Gatekeeper from Huntsville.


Tempter is a 5 piece, modern metal act hailing from the recording capitol of the south, otherwise known as Muscle Shoals, Alabama. Formed in 2014 by vocalist Spencer Letsinger, guitarist Hagan Dickerson, and drummer Adam Wilkins, Tempter went through a slew of other members before finally deciding on the lineup featured today. This lineup includes the original three and adds bassist Tyler Thompson, and guitarist Travis Michael. The band has a 3 song, self titled EP featuring the single “Hymns of the Blasphemous” and a full length record currently in the works. Tempter has played alongside big names such as “Whitechapel” as well as “Thy Art is Murder”, “I Declare War”, “Fit For an Autopsy”, “The Last Ten Seconds of Life”, “Within the Ruins”, and many others under previous monikers.”


Jeff Black formed Gatekeeper in the dismal haze of 2010 as a spitting retort to everything happening on a musical level in the frost-kissed prairies of Alberta. In a land dominated by blast beats, scooped mids and vocalists who couldn’t find a melody in a shopping bag, Gatekeeper stands upright and unchained, continuing the legacy laid down by such luminaries as Robert E. Howard, Bathory, Frank Frazetta, Manowar, Candlemass and Manilla Road. If your interests lie in the direction of things ancient, lost and far away, Gatekeeper might be for you. If not? Good riddance.
Help us spread the word and give this scene the recognition it deserves in the Shoals!

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