Funds from the Relief Funds Act will benefit Tuscumbia Employees

TUSCUMBIA– Mayor Kerry Underwood says the City of Tuscumbia has been awarded $2 million in American Relief funds, and he and the council intend to pass benefits on to their employees in the form of a one time bonus. These funds are intended to be used to help cities boost their economies as they deploy efforts to recover from financial losses during the height of COVID-19.

Bonuses will be distributed to employees who were active from March 12, 2020, thru March 11, 2021.

Full-time employees will receive a one-time bonus of $6,000 while part-time employees will receive $3,000. The appropriation will be distributed in two payments, one half in October, and the remaining half next summer when the federal money is released.

The city also learned they were eligible and qualified for $311,000 to go into their general fund due to having the last four year’s worth of municipal audits display a financial need.

By Elizabeth Ann Reeder – Staff Writer

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