Vertillo’s is another great addition to downtown Sheffield. The fabulous food and dining experience are located at 312 N. Montgomery Ave, 256/314/2323. Look for the sign with the Italian flag, (green, white, and red). The food is strictly authentic, the recipes from Marlene the owner’s family, The restaurant is decorated in pictures of Marlene’s family and local musicians. I haven’t eaten everything from the menu, but nearly. They offer beer and wine in a family atmosphere.

The last lunch special I had was a salad with house dressing and an Italian roast beef sandwich. OMG it was all good! Almost supernatural, we kept eating and eating our salads and our sandwiches! We were both as full as possible when we were done. I try to never eat more than I can lift! I’ve had a big as an entree’ and been more than satisfied. Generally, I have the house salad, whatever it is. I’ve had the spaghetti special with a salad was a winner, I’ve always had great meals at Vertillo’s.All right friends and neighbors, let’s get down to what we all came for, how is the pizza? It is authentic dough, cooked magnificently. There are toppings to satisfy everyone. I love everything on it and the BBQ style pizza! Darlene the owner is a pleasant lady from a great Italian family. She knows her business and we’re very lucky to have her in Sheffield. Lest you think I’m a cheerleader for our advertisers, I’ve only eaten with Marlene once since she came on board. We just like good food. Eric Harris

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