It’s official: Florence Kmart closing in March



FLORENCE-(SHOALSINSIDER)-Walmart is not the only discount chain closing stores.   Sears Holding Corp. of Illinois, the parent company of Kmart, is closing several of its stores.  The Kmart discount store on the corner of Cox Creek Parkway and Florence Boulevard in Florence, Alabama, will be closing, as part of corporate down-sizing during the month of March.

Kmart Management tells the Shoals Insider the store is discounting prices on all merchandise in the store before the closing date.

Management added they did not know the exact date of the closing but did confirm the store will close in the month of March.

Some Kmart employees tell the Shoals Insider they haven’t been asked to relocate or been given any options “We have not been told anything or told about layoffs. We have just been told we are closing the store in March,” said one employee who wished to remain anonymous.

Some sources are suggesting the building at 105 Cox Creek Parkway, owned by Florence Square Holdings LLC, may be refitted to house a sporting goods store.

The store has around 100 employees.

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