Robbery Suspects Run Out of Gas


Corey Surratt and Austin Hayes

Corey Surratt and Austin Hayes

On Sunday morning, officers responded to a reported robbery in Oak Hills Subdivision. The victim stated Corey Surratt picked him up to go and get breakfast.


As Surratt stopped near an intersection in the neighborhood Austin Hayes appeared and began threatening the victim. He removed the victim from the car and began assaulting him and took items from his person. The victim was able to break free and contacted police. Upon police arrival, officers located both Surratt and Hayes at their vehicle (which had run out of gas). Both were detained and interview by police. Following their interview they were charged with Robbery 1st. The victim sustained minor injuries during the altercation.


Both Hayes and Surratt are confined in the LCDC on bond totaling $50,000

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