FLORENCE – Frank B. Potts and Debra Coble, partners in the law firm of Potts &
Young, announced today they are in the process of opening for business after a catastrophic
fire destroyed their offices on June 7, 2018.
Potts said, “The firm has obtained temporary office space and is in the process of
furnishing and equipping it. The firm soon will be serving our current and future clients as
usual in a prompt and professional manner. Our temporary home will be located in Suite
100 at 112 S. Pine Street across the street from Florence City Hall and a half block from the
Lauderdale County Courthouse. We plan to rebuild at our 107 E. College Street location and
re-open there in 2019.”

Potts added, “We are grateful for the tremendous outpouring of support from clients,
neighbors and friends across the Tennessee Valley. We are thankful for the vigilant efforts
made over two days by the Florence Fire Department, with support from the Florence
police force, to extinguish the fire in our building, part of which was erected in 1895, and to
protect adjacent structures.” Potts was out of state when the fire occurred.

Coble assured clients that through use of recently acquired technology all client data
and documentation scanned to the office server or individual workstations were protected
and preserved on current files and cases being worked on when the fire happened. She
said, “We invested in extensive on-site and remote backup systems to protect and preserve
our client files and data. Thus, we will soon be able to serve our clients in the prompt and
efficient manner they deserve.”

Potts said fire department officials have indicated that the fire apparently started on
the second floor or in the attic due to a faulty electrical outlet.
Potts & Young was established in 1939 by University of Alabama law graduates
Frank V. Potts and Doyle R. Young. The 79-year-old firm is the oldest continually-operated
law firm in northwest Alabama. Frank B. Potts is the son of the co-founder.
The firm’s phone number is 256-764-7142 and its website is

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