Mom leaves kids home alone gets DUI

April Johnson

Ms. Johnson was arrested on 01-07-17 and charged with DUI. During that encounter, she said nothing about having any children. The following afternoon, 0-07-17 at 4:30 in the afternoon officers were notified that Johnson told jailers that two small children were at her home alone. Officer responded to the home and found two small children in the home, alone. It appears that Ms. Johnson drove while drunk, leaving her children alone at home without supervision. DHR was contacted and the children were released to family members.

According to Investigator Brad Holmes,  “It’s scary to think what might have happened to the children had the jailers not found out that children were alone in their home,” ”

“The weather this weekend was brutally cold and these children were left to fend for themselves after the mother used poor judgement. We are thankful that the situation ended with the children being found safe,” said Holmes.

The children, in this case, were ages 3 and 6.

Johnson remains in jail on bond totaling $2,000.00.

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