Former attorney must register as sex offender

Donald Glenn Tipper (Photo LCDC)

Donald Glenn Tipper (Photo LCDC)

FLORENCE-The state’s case against former Florence attorney Don Tipper hit a major snag on Tuesday, the state then offered Tipper and his attorney a plea deal, but he must still register as a sex offender.  

According to Tipper’s attorney Billy Underwood, several discrepancies in the alleged victim’s testimony and the judge’s ruling made a plea deal possible on Tuesday. Tipper was initially charged with rape and sodomy. But after it was learned the victim allegedly posted on Facebook, “I love feeding on the weak-minded. There are too many inconsiderate a**holes out there trying to take advantage of those of us who know what the F is going on.”

The judge in the case, Madison County Circuit Judge Dennis Odell, ruled the state could not use testimony of Tipper’s contact with prior clients. After the ruling, the state offered the plea deal.

According to the plea deal, Tipper must, “enroll in, cooperate fully, and complete” with “sex offender-registration only” It is not stated how long Tipper will have to register as a sex offender. But some say it is possibly just two years.

As part of the sentencing order, Tipper will not have to complete any other programs such as anger management or domestic violence education.

Underwood tells the Shoals Insider, “It was with great regret that Tipper and I realized a plea deal would be the most conservative and safe action.”


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