WASHINGTON – A number of tax return preparation businesses in the Birmingham, Alabama area unlawfully understate their customers’ income tax liabilities and overstate refunds by making deliberate misstatements on the returns, according to a new civil lawsuit filed by the Justice Department on Wednesday.


Tax Deadline Falls Later This Year


Mark your calendar! Due to an overlap of tax deadlines and Federal/State holidays, the IRS has announced some new due dates for the upcoming 2016 tax season.


Dreamvision Amusement Park Backer Fails to Pay Rent

412 South Court, where Robinson Capital Investments was renting an office.


Bryan Robinson, CEO of companies that backed the Dreamvision amusement park, is being sued by his landlord for not paying rent on his office.



Five hacks to travel smart with your smartphone

(BPT) – Whether you’re traveling solo, as a couple or with your entire extended family, there’s one thing you likely won’t forget to bring on your trip: your smartphone or tablet. Nearly two-thirds of Americans are now smartphone owners, according to the Pew Research Center, and almost half own a tablet. Right next to […]

5 simple ways to kick-start a financially healthy 2016

(BPT) – You banked your holiday bonus and landed that raise you’ve been hoping for, but the post-holiday bills are coming. You may be wondering what more you can do to ensure you’re on the right track financially in 2016. Fortunately, you can do a lot right away to start the year off strong. […]