In 2017, Alabama traffic statistics covered a 5 day period, which was from Friday, June 30, to Tuesday, July 4. In 2018, the below Alabama traffic statistics covered a total of 10 days, which was from Friday June 29, to Sunday, July 8.

Between Friday, June 29, and Sunday, July 8, we had:

On Saturday, June 30, was the deadliest day, with 5 traffic fatalities – 4 motorcyclists, 1 motorcycle passenger – in Cullman, Limestone, Marshall and Mobile counties.

On Sunday, July 8, was the only day with 0 traffic fatalities.

On Wednesday, July 4, had 1 traffic fatality (Geneva County). It was the passenger of a vehicle equipped with seat belt but not using a seat belt at time of crash.

On The rest of the travel period:

18 traffic fatalities (including the 5 on June 30).

6 drivers, 3 passengers, 3 pedestrians, 5 motorcyclists, 1 motorcycle passenger.

5 seat belts in use, 4 seat belts not in use, seat belts not applicable for 9 individuals killed (pedestrians and motorcyclists).

Counties: Bullock, Cullman, Franklin, Geneva, Jefferson, Limestone, Lowndes, Marengo, Marion, Marshall, Mobile, St. Clair, Talladega, Walker.

During this same time period, Troopers in Marine Patrol Division worked 2 deaths on Alabama waterways:

Although a few incidents still may be added to Marine Patrol’s boat-accident reporting system, there were 8 zero-incident days during the holiday period.

2 boating fatalities Wednesday, July 4, in Hale County.

4 crashes with property damage (including the fatal crash) on July 2 and July 4. Counties: Baldwin, Hale Morgan and Tallapoosa.

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