Alabama Attorney General Luther Strange

Alabama Attorney General Luther Strange



(MONTGOMERY) – Alabama Attorney General Luther Strange is the new chairman of the Republican Attorneys General Association (RAGA), the group represents a majority of the nation’s attorneys general.

Strange officially assumed the chairmanship of RAGA during the national association’s meeting this weekend in Austin, Texas.

“I’m honored to be named chairman of a group that The Wall Street Journal last week hailed as ‘conservatism’s last line of defense,’” said Attorney General Strange. “I look forward to leading my fellow conservative AGs as we join the Trump administration in peeling back layers of regulatory overreach that have stifled the American economy and have made a mockery of constitutional limitations on federal power. For the last six years we have played defense. We’ve stood against the tide of federal regulations and stopped the ones we could such as the EPA’s war on coal-fired energy and Waters of the US. Now it’s time to turn that tide.”

The Republican Attorneys General Association has risen in membership to 29 Republican attorneys general from across America, picking up three new members after the 2016 elections.

Attorney General Strange succeeds Michigan Attorney General Bill Schuette as chairman of RAGA for the term of November 2016 to November 2017.

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