Sorrell opposes kindergarten for 5-year-olds

Andrew Sorrell

MONTGOMERY– Local Republican legislator Andrew Sorrell of Muscle Shoals voted against kindergarten for all Alabama 5-year-olds this past week.

A bill was introduced in the State House of Representatives to allow kindergarten for all 5-year-old children in Alabama. reported it sparked an unexpectedly passionate debate with State Rep. Sorrell opposing kindergarten for all Alabama children.

Although Sorrell passionately argued against the bill, saying it was an assault on personal freedom, the bill passed 91-11 to allow all Alabama children to attend kindergarten.

The representative who introduced the bill, a former educator, stated that Sorrell’s comments were reprehensible.

The bill is expected to increase kindergarten enrollment by 4,800 students.

The majority Republican House broke out in applause when the bill passed.

Sorrell’s verbal exchange received extensive coverage throughout the State.

It now goes to the Senate for approval.

Elliot Turner – Reporter Intern – Keeping You Informed

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