OP ED: The Dark Cloud Over Alabama is Gone


Alabama Governor Kay Ivey

Before I took the oath of office just over 100 days ago, a dark cloud hung over Alabama.

Because of a failure in leadership and the plaque of scandal, we were faced with great uncertainty. That uncertainty hindered our ability to create new jobs, carry out the people’s business, and focus on the task of improving the quality of life for all Alabamians.

Since I became governor, I have had one goal: to steady the ship of state and improve Alabama’s image. Even though I was only given three hours to transition from Lieutenant Governor to Governor while most administrations have three months, my administration has risen to the occasion.

During the past 100 days, we have not cured all that ails our state, but I am proud that we have steadied the ship of state. We removed the cloud of uncertainty. I have focused on nothing but what is good and right for the people of Alabama.

We cut bureaucratic red-tape and banned lobbyists from being appointed to serve on state boards by members of the executive branch. Right after I was sworn in, I promised that the Ivey administration would be open, honest, and transparent. I have followed through on that pledge and will continue to do so.

Nothing can be done perfectly, but everything will be done with integrity.

During my brief time in office, more than $1 billion has been pledged to be invested in our state, creating more than 4,000 jobs. We passed a revision of the Alabama Jobs Act, which makes it easier for our state to attract new businesses and encourage existing ones to expand. We put into place laws which make it easier for businesses to operate, not harder.

My friends, the world is hearing loud and clear that Alabama is back and open for business!

In the first three months of the Ivey administration, we have expanded Pre-K opportunities, emphasized the importance of preparing Alabamians for 21st-century jobs, made it more affordable for military men and women to get an education, and helped families provide for their children with special needs.

From the start, my administration has been laser-focused on doing what is right for the people of Alabama.

But of all we have accomplished, I am most proud of the fact that our unemployment rate has dropped to 4.6%. More people are working in Alabama today than at any time in the past 10 years!

Though these successes are great, I will not be complacent. We have steadied the ship of state, and now we will steer it toward progress and sustainability.

In the days ahead, I will put forth new ideas to improve education in our state, strengthen the quality of our workforce, and encourage our people to pursue those areas where jobs abound. We will ensure that our people are ready for the opportunities that are already here and for those that will surely come.

We must guarantee that our children have a strong start to their educational careers so that they have a strong finish as they enter the workforce. I will continue to bring light to the fact we need to improve our infrastructure, which ensures the wheels of commerce turn and allows our families to travel safely as they enjoy all our state has to offer.

Just as our state’s beaches are a destination for tourists, I want every corner of our state to become a destination for jobs, business investment, and expansion.

To move forward, to seek prosperity, and to shun complacency is my new quest.

As we enter into the next 100 days of my tenure as governor, we embrace a new era which truly lives up to the lofty ideal of being a government for and by the people.

When I leave office – whenever that may be – my desire is to leave our state better than I found it.

Serving as the governor of our great state is my honor and privilege. You, my friends, my neighbors, my fellow Alabamians – you are why this is our Sweet Home Alabama.

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