US Congressman Mo Brooks

This week, Luther Strange Forces began preparing to unleash millions of dollars in negative attack ads against Congressman Mo Brooks and Judge Roy Moore. An Alabama citizen received a brushfire poll by Strange, took notes, and reported its contents to Congressman Brooks. Brushfire polls help a campaign draft attack ads.

“President Trump campaigned on ‘draining the Swamp’ in DC. Well, ‘The Swamp’ is supporting Luther Strange, and they’re getting ready to unload millions of dollars in attacks on Judge Moore and me. Big Luther needs to tell his ‘Swamp Critter’ friends to stay out of Alabama. We can decide this election just fine on our own,” said Brooks.

After asking questions that promote Luther Strange, the brushfire poll explored potential negative attacks against Judge Roy Moore and Congressman Mo Brooks.

“The Strange Forces understand the threat posed by my unmatched record of proven conservative leadership coupled with my unblemished 30-year public service record of high ethical conduct. My record confirms that I have, and always will, put Alabama and America ahead of my own personal interests.”

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