The Cabin Reclaimed Relics Grand Opening Saturday, March 4th, in Downtown Tuscumbia

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TUSCUMBIA- I know you have seen the log cabin building on the corner of 2nd Street and Dickson in downtown Tuscumbia. You owe it to yourself to stop by this Saturday and see all of the beautiful relics and antiquities available at The Cabin.


If you suffered recent hail damage, call DINGMASTERS at 256-383-0349

SHOALS AREA-If you suffered recent hail damage to your car, you need to call Ding Masters today for a sure fired fix that leaves the car looking like new.



Brody Watson

Watson has been named by the National Geographic Society as a semifinalist eligible to compete in the 2017 Alabama National Geographic State Bee. The contest will be held at Samford University on Friday, March 31, 2017.


Michigan Man Arrested for Alleged Violations of Alabama Securities Act

MONTGOMERY-Authorities announced that Robert Craig Rudder of Warren, Michigan, was arrested on Feb. 28, 2017 by the Special Operations Unit of the Warren, Michigan Police Department, under the direction of Deputy Commissioner, Matthew Nichols. Rudder’s arrest stems from an October, 2016 Jefferson County, Alabama Grand Jury indictment charging him with multiple violations of the […]

Experience A Deep Tissue Massage And Point Therapy Session Together And Save Money!

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Pain is your body’s “alarms indicator” that something is not right and its time for you to addressed it or it will progress to a more painful symptomatic problem. Neuromuscular Therapeutic is used to disrupt the tension-pain cycle by locating and de-activating painful trigger points.

When your body is […]

Burglary suspects apprehended at Budget Inn Florence



FLORENCE-Last night Florence police officers received a tip from someone who had seen the stories of the recent burglaries. Officers responded to the tip and located Zachary Tyler Cartwright, 18, of Florence and Christopher Cody Masters, 23, of Florence inside of a hotel room at Budget Inn in Florence.